Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and More

As Promised

As promised, we finally have our wedding pictures!! Finally!! I have waited so long for them! I love most of them!! 

Here is a whole bunch for you guys to see... 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am pleased to say with even the craziness of my life and all that has happened over the past few days, I have managed to lose 1.4 lbs! 
I was pretty thrilled this morning when I got on the scale and saw the number. I even began to weigh myself 3x to confirm the loss. 
Total, I have lost 4.9lbs, which is very healthy for my height. Losing weight is my thing, it is my battle and I deal with the thoughts in my head on a day to day basis. I am pleased to say I am doing this healthy and the right way. The more slower I continue to lose weight, the more I know it will stay off. I dont want to lose weight very fast because people tend to gain it back quickly.

I am with my success. I continue to learn about food, weight and healthy choices. One of the biggest things I am learning is how hormones play a huge role in the way we handle stress and eating. I am trying to identify stressors and how to handle them better without eating food. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Photos!

My dear readers, I am pleased to announce our wedding photos are done!
Take a look at our slideshow!
Once I receive the final proofs, I will upload them like a mad woman, but for now, watch this!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Teaching Moment

The word I would describe car problems! I hate car problems, especially with my car. The bug is so expensive to fix. Today's total $806.30. Frustrating!

God is choosing to teach me a lesson about life about finances and trusting him. To lay out our financial situation, Drew and I are blessed beyond measure to be working full time jobs. Thankfully, Drew has insurance and retirement! I am thankful to have medical and dental insurance, which is such a luxury into today's economy.

I am thankful to be a position that I LOVE! Most days I go to work loving my job. I am thankful that God has given me the fiances to get my car fixed, but I got to be honest, why does it have to be so much? The cost? I mean, seriously!! That is a lot of money. Especially, since Drew and I have a house payment in student loans and we are trying to honor God by paying off our debt...


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I know for sure..

I know for sure, that life in itself is a Miracle. Whether you were brought into this world on purpose or by "accident", you were no accident. Your life is a miracle and everyday you get to live the miracle whether good or bad. I don't know the life you live, but you are a miracle.

Everyone has a story and each story isn't the same. You were made with purpose, gifts, relationships and a story to tell. I believe each step in life, is a teaching moment. It is all about how we look at moments in life, which reflect our attitude and view on life. The hardest, most enduring trials in life, teach us the most valuable lessons. The past two weeks, I have been in a valley and I trying to figure out what I am being taught and how this is going to work out in the bigger picture of things. I am trying to figure how my valleys are teaching me about life..
I know for sure, I was made with a purpose and I am no accident.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Down in the Dumps

I must admit, I have been down in the dumps lately. I am not sure if it the health issues getting to me, the financial reality of my never ending student loans, the stress of my job or my own personal weight struggles, but I have been down lately.

I am not even sure why I am posting this, but I am down today.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1lb loss, Halloween and a Virus

Since I started the biggest loser challenge four weeks ago, I have lost 4.2lbs! I am thrilled about this.. Basically, a pound a week is what I am averaging, which is the healthy. Someone might size should not lose more than 1 or 2lbs a week. If you lose a lot of weight fast, you tend to put it on back quick. I happy with my weight loss! 


At school, we had a huge Halloween party. The kids had a blast, but I really hate that costumes are so scary now. Most of my kids were very scary things and I do not really like that.. Here is a my costume
My wonderful teacher and friend, Mrs. Russell (a.k.a tigger)
The other cat in the hat! Love Mrs. T!! So do the kiddo's!!

In celebrating Halloween, Drew and I carved pumpkins!

Finally, I had a virus on my computer, which is why I didnt update this weekend. We called best buy and it was going to cost us a large fortune, so my smart husband suggested we backup everything and kill the hard-drive. Well, he did just that and stayed up till 5am this morning to fix it! Love him! The virus is gone, my computer is back to normal, life is okay. He is my hero!

Brit if you are reading this, I cannot get on your blog anymore! :( Hook me up kid!