Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take that First Step

Weight: Obesity 

I, with a group of my colleagues have decided to lose weight.  Goal: Lose 40 pounds or be a size 5.. Seems reasonable, but will take a lot of work.. Would like to be half the size I am now... We start weekly weigh-ins Tuesday. Bit nervous for the first one, but thankfully I have a week to work out, eat healthy and hope for a loss! I want to live a healthy lifestyle and I want change with results.
Prayers are appreciated, encouragement, healthy recipes,ect.. Whatever you got, I need it!


Melissa B. said...

Hey Sarah. thats a good goal.. it also REALLY helps to have support. I need that right now. You should update your blog about your strategies and such.. it will encourage me I know.
Now that I am married.. I feel like I have to eat everything so it doesnt go to waste.. sometimes cooking for two is hard.
Anyways..tomorrow I am starting on a morning exercise routine and see how that goes.
Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

KelseyJ said...

You're a goober! That picture reminds me of our Christmas pictures at Meijer! ;)

Britt said...

I'm working out with Nick now - it's soo much easier to do it with someone else! See if that Andrew kid will do it with you...... also P90X is fun..... our apartment has a small weight room.... its fun to go there together.... it cuts our cuddle time down, but its still togetherness...