Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Weigh In

Today was my first weigh-in. Since the wedding, I have put on at least 15 pounds. I blame it on eating crappy due to my jobs. Working at school, you have to come up with meals that can go in the fride, that wont spoil or taste terrible by the time you get there. Then I work a nanny job in the evening and let's be honest, I sometimes just grab whatever ins convient at home before I head on out.  Working two jobs is tiring and then trying to fit in eating healthy and exercising on a normal basis.. It is nuts, but I am ready to be skinny.

The weigh-in today was to give us a starting point. Surprisely, I havent gained anything since last week, which is good. So, hopefully, I am ready to start losing.

Exercise: 3 mile run, 1mile walk

Daily tip: To lose weight, keep a food journal, write down everything. It will force you to see what times of the day you struggle with food.. I struggle with eating at night. I love snack food. I need to get better at healthier options.
Another tip: Eat gum or drink water when you feel hungry. Right now, I am chewing gum because it is too late to eat.

What I'm Learning: When I am bored, I head to the fridge. I am also learning that a lot of social events I attend, have unhealthy food choices. I am starting to think very consciously about the type of social events I attend with food.

Temptations: The brownies I baked Drew this weekend.. They look and smell so yummy. I am learning that eating sweets is okay, just not when you are trying to lose weight. Everything needs to be done in moderation..
I will keep posting..

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Britt said...

I weighed myself today and found that I am now 7 more lbs than the 7lbs that I already was sad I gained..... so now I need to loose lbs.