Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blankets and .2 lbs loss, Goodbyes

I have a lot to write about this evening.

First, I will talk about the goodbyes my husband and I had to say this weekend. Our pastor, friend and individual who married us is moving to New York. He recieved another job offer to pastor a church and took the call. We are very excited to see how God is going to use him, but very sad that he will no longer be in michigan.

Will miss babysitting these kiddos and watching them grow up! Thankyou for being a blessing in our lives! We wish you the best!!

Yesterday, Drew and I recieved this wonderful blanket made by our dear friend, Andrea! I was so excited and blessed to recieve such a wonderful gift! Cannot wait to snuggle with it this evening! It is so cute! Love the patterns! I have such good friends!
Weigh in- I was shocked today when I found out, I lost .2 of a 1lb. I was floored. I thought for sure that I had gained weight, especially from this crazy week. I was pretty excited and it kept me encouraged to continue to eat healthy, workout and try to learn more about how to be a healthier individual.


KelseyJ said...

Love the quilt! Pretty colors! I heard about it, but was waiting to see pics. ;)

Britt said...

Yeah for loosing weight! Quilts are one of the most wonderful things!