Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apoliges, 3lbs skinner

Fellow bloggers,
I apologize for not being as active on my blog this week as I had hoped. This week was crazy nuts.
First, let me say, I dropped 3lbs this week. However, I feel as though I may have gained it back and then some.. This week was crazy stressful..

Drew's grandmother had a surgery last friday with her bowl, but had complications, so on Tuesday this week, she was scheduled for an Emergency High Risk Surgery. We were up pretty late on tuesday night and found out Wednesday that she never became conscious after surgery. She had some complications as a result of the surgery, so she was put on life support. Least to say, this has been one of the busiest weeks between working both jobs and spending time at the hospital..

I have been eating a lot of crap this week, especially since I have been on the go.. I dont expect a loss this week and that is okay..  I am praying I didnt gain, but I have a feeling that I did.. Wont know till tuesday... Oh, well!

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