Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On my way home..

I love my job.. Most people think I am crazy, but I think they are crazy for not falling in love with the kind of kids I work with. I work with "the least of these" and I love it!

I am a behavioral specialist in a Regionally Emotionally Impaired classroom. Some might ask what does it mean to be emotionally Imparied? This term is used to describe a population of children who have behavioral and emotional issues different then the general population. These issues affect their ability to perform academically and socially interact with other in a acceptable manner. These kids often have a difficult time maintaing satisfactory relationships with classmates and adults. They usually appear depressed or unhappy and have a lot of sensory needs.  Each student I work with has a unique set of needs and personalities. They each have many talents and gifts that need to be developed and utlized.

I love my job! I love these kids! Each day is challenging and rewarding in itself. Some moments  I think what the heck am I doing here? Other moments, I say to myself "this is why I am here." I love my job! I love my EI KIDS!

I got my offical work badge! Now I can recieve 20% off at BN because I am an educator! Cool huh?

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Andrew Storm said...

You're truly amazing... compassionate and patient, and that's precisely why you're great at what you do. I'm so proud you love what you do!