Friday, September 10, 2010

Full Attention

It has been said that the urgent keeps us distracted from what’s most important in life. I find this saying to be one thing that centers me when I am distracted. This week has proved to be one of those weeks.

I have started a new job and I absolutely love it! I know I was made to work with kids, especially those that the world doesn’t understand or show love to. I am a full-time behavioral specialist in an Emotionally Impaired classroom. Each day brings its challenges, but I simply love the people who I work for.. I am hoping it stays this way all year.

Next week, I start a part-time nanny position in the evening.. I will work full-time and nanny.. I hope it wont be too much for me..

During this week I have been distracted from what is important. I have been having a hard time with managing my schedule, car repairs (taking longer than it should), insane busyness, trying to carve out time for myself and the demands of other opinions. I am having a hard time staying focused on loving God, Drew and my family. I know balance will come soon, but I don’t want all these thing that seem urgent to distract me from the most important things in life..

The most important things in my life..

Lead me with strong hands...

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Britt said...

Umm I just happen to love the last picture of you too!!! Sooo professional looking, sooo adorable!!