Monday, September 6, 2010

Chicken Runs, DC Food, Chapel Band, SLR

Six years ago, I moved onto the most amazing floor of girls. Little did I know, they became my best life friends! Who would have known that I could have developed such amazing friendships. I am so thankful for my time at Spring Arbor University.
It was a place of great spiritual growth, understanding and wisdom. I truly enjoyed my experience.

I remember being so nervous about meeting my roommate and wondering if we would get along. I also remember getting lost trying to find my classes. Campus seemed so big at that point. The library was very intimating to me and I remember get teary at the ribbon ceremony. I still have my oak tree ribbon..
It's hard for me to believe that six years has gone by. I remember going with Kristi Gusler to look at engagement rings. I remember Abby and I sharing my twin bed at night. I remember meeting my new roommate Katrina and sharing life with her.If it wasn't for my RA crystal, I would have failed Math. I remember living across the room from Debbie and seeing Brian often during "open hours." I remember Nikki always going to the craft store and having major art projects to work out.. Who couldn't forget all the crazy things Kelsey and Andrea did. .I remember watching Winnie the Pooh with them, going on library runs and eating pizza at Marco's.. I have so many fond memories of my days at the arbor.

I feel very happy and sad.. I am happy to have gone to such a wonderful institution, sad because I am no longer living in the same place with all of my best friends. I cant believe I was excited to graduate.. What was I thinking?? I wish I never left..

Life moves on... I am sad.. This will be my first year in my entire life, not being enrolled in school.. The change alone is enough to send someone into shock.. I have been studying and learning since I was in pre-school.. It all feels very weird to me..
I say.. Spring Arbor University  REUNION!


Melanie Eccles said...

I love this post!

KelseyJ said...

Love it! Miss it! Miss you!

What good times! Praise God for bringing us all together! :)

Britt said...

Ummm I'm impressed with the amount of pictures that you and I considering that we weren't that close then!! Cool! SAU was the best!!!! I was just there this weekend and I believe that it is still the best!!!! All those new people are going to have the time of their lives like we did!