Monday, August 16, 2010

My Other Half

When I was in third grade my parents told my older brother and I that they had a big suprise to tell us.. My first response was " Is it bigger than Chuckie Cheese?" My mom laughed and said " we have to wait till dad gets home." Little did I know that surprise, would be one of the best surprises of my life.. It turns out mom and dad were pregnant with my kid sister Rachel, who is my other half. I love my husband, but there is nothing better than sharing clothes and shoes with my highly adorable sister. I always tell her she is the prettier one between the two of us! So true..

When I was tweleve, my Grandpa Smith became very sick and I remember him being on oxgen because he was awaiting a lung transplant.  He and I had a conversation sitting at his dining table. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I told him, I didnt know what my talents or passions were... He pointed to a picture on the wall and told me " Sarah, I am good business man, but I love taking pictures, its a life passion I wish I would have pursued early on." He then passed 6 months later. I never forgot that conversation and even have the exact picture that he pointed to on the wall when he gave me the simplest words, yet astounding life lesson.

Since then, I always wondered if I had the eye for photography. I have always had a love and appreciation for pictures. I think it stems from my childhood and love for reading books. As a child, I judged a book by its cover and would not dare read an ugly book. I can say this with all seriousness..

I think, just maybe, I will pursue a life passion and goal that my grandfather did not get to see full circle. I am no pro at this stage in the game, but I hope to gain knowlege, capture the big and small life moments through a lense and aquire deep relationships along the way.

My favorite picture, by far.. You have to know this girl, but I feel like it captures her beauty so well, yet in the simplest form!


Andrew Storm said...

such great pictures! it seemed like rakal was wearing 100 different outfits, but really only two. goes to show every picture was unique :)

Britt said...

that last picture - I had to do a double take - she looks soooo much like you!

Kevin and Betsey said...

Great pictures Sarah!!