Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life isn't always a fairytale and forgiveness is hard..

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to walk through. People hurt one another on a daily basis, but forgiveness is the key to moving forward and not carrying bitterness in one's heart. The Holy Spirit is often the one who works through our hearts to help us forgive. I, however, am having a very difficult time forgiving some people in my life who have caused me a great deal of pain, hurt and bitterness. 

I imagine that the type of forgiveness that is offered through Christ, by dying on the cross, is the type of forgiveness that we must offer others. I am in this place where forgivness is difficult, but tryign to allow God to work on my heart and work through me to be kind to those who don't deserve it. I could use your prayers as I work towards forgiveness.

I am thankful for Gods grace and his continual to love me unconditonally, without bitter feelings or hurt. I want to work towards that... My challenge is that we all try to forgive someone who is difficult in our lives..

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