Saturday, August 14, 2010

In the Storms of Life, may Bargains be the Wind, Beneath Your Feet

When I was poor, in college, I learned the beauty of a good bargain. I became a "thrifter" and loved the thrill of finding a great steal. Often, when I feel the urge to have some retail therapy, I head to GoodWill or a local thrift shop. It allows me to get my adrenline all hyped up, in hopes of finding a great deal and not spending a lot of money.
I was pretty thrilled with my baragain that I found today. I found a Columbia Jacket, as seen above for $4.99. It is great condition. It looks barely worn. I washed it and it took a few small minor dirt spots, but it is spotless.. I was so shocked and excited. If you know me, I hate coats, espically winter coats.. I was thinking this jacket would be perfect for Winter and would be a perfect running coat in the winter. Under the armpits, it has zippers, which as breathable air vents. I cant wait for the first snowfall, when I can break this baby out!  Pretty stoked!
I was looking at JcPenny tonight and they have Columbia Jackets for $150! They are starting to break out the winter gear!
Thanks GoodWill for my AWESOME bargain!


Britt said...

I hate being Thrifty!

Sarah said...

I will help you :)