Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friendship is Nothing Fairytales and Storms can't Weather!

Our story starts us back in highschool, in 10th grade, over the book "The Great Gatsby"...

Both Drew and I had been in Amy Vandebergs 4th hour English. Drew had to switch classes and was now in my class. 4th hour was the hated class, if memory serves me correctly... One morning early on in that semester, before school began, Drew was working on some last minute homework about "The Great Gatsby". That morning in the library, I was working on the same homework. I didnt understand the book and I thought it was stupid, but I needed to get it done. I reconized Drew from class, but we had never met, so I introduced myself. At that time, I had no idea what adventure I was to embark on.

I asked Drew for some help on a question and he often refers to this moment as " I was cheating off him"..whatever...
Little did the two of us know that morning was jsut the beginning of a close friendship, and later a serious relationship.

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