Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Fairytale Honeymoon

As many of you know, I share a love for the mouse! I am talking about the one and only, Mickey Mouse! If I was offered a job at Disney World, I would leave this DUMP ASAP! HA!

I am the biggest kid you will ever find. I love reading childrens books, coloring, eating fruit snacks, buying stuff animals ( I even had to have teddy bear therapy at Spring Arbor University), stickers and chicken.

Drew and I had to decide on the type of wedding we wanted.. No surprise! I wanted a Disney theme.. Then came the honeymoon.. It was between Hawaii and Disney. Disney won because it was affordable...

Yep, he must be as crazy too !

We made some excellent memories on this trip..  Let's talk about the time when some kids from a different country came up to us and asked to take our picture because they thought we were cute or random people coming up to ask us about our wedding and tell us how they visited Disney for their honeymoon. I will also never forget the fight that occured at the pool. Stupid people fought over a plastic nemo ball that cost $3.00..  People were throwing money at one another and it got nasty.. Just dont ask what happened when we went to see Fantasmic :)


Andrew Storm said...

i cannot wait to go back again! and yes, who could forget the nut-cases fighting over the nemo ball.

luckily we have two "golden tickets." :)

Britt said...

I dont even remember if I posted about my honeymoon - I'm thinking I did.... I'm soo glad your husband is ok with your crazyness!!

Andrew Storm said...

let's jump on a plane and go for the weekend. :)