Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A fairytale Day!

As many of you know, my husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. Big shock there! I know right? Lol..  Well, when were there, we ran into huge international groups of students in the parks. These big groups ended up clogging the lines to attractions and restaurants. It was nuts. Drew and I got frustrated by this. As a result, I decided to contact Disney. I didnt think any thing would come of it, but here was my email and their response!

My Email to Disney:
To Whom it May Concern,
My husband and I were in Disneyworld July 12-19th. We arrived home this past Monday and were extremely disappointed with our trip.

We went to Disneyworld to enjoy all the rides, parades, food and activities Disney has to offer. However, we were very disappointed with our trip and did not get to enjoy many of the activites or attractions at the parks.

Every park we went to, their was at least 3-4 huge groups of international students. At one point, I counted 100 students in a group. These big groups took up all the fastpasses and also were a huge annoyance when entering the park to have bags checked, to eat a restaurant, purchase souvenirs or watch a parade.

My husband and I waited over two hours at Pizzafaria in Animal Kingdom due to huge group of international students. We only wanted to order a pizze and drink. Their were not many options in Africa and the line for Pizzafaria was out the door.. Not acceptable!!! Especially when guests have children!!!

In addition, we went to Hollywood studio's at 10 am to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania, but were unable to get them because they were all given out for the day. I asked one of the workers and she told me it was because two big international groups of student leaders got all of the fast passes for the day, which I thought was ridiclious. She said they had been feeding their park tickets in the machines for two hours...

While we were in Epcot, I waited 1hour to buy souvenir from Coke- Cola shop due to large line of international students purchasing stuff.. I had one item and their were many other customers in line that were not students, who were very aggravated and ended up putting their stuff back on the shelf because they did not want to wait. This was completely unacceptable and the shop is not that big.

My patience came to hault when I wanted to sit and watch the Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom. We arrived two hours early so we could find a spot on mainstreet and sit.. However, three international groups were there and took up a major portion of main street leaving other guests to take the only empty spots( we couldnt find a spot to sit). Least to say, we didnt see the parade because were not allowed to stand beyond the roped line near the shops. I told a parade worker I was very disappointed that we could not find a spot and we left the Magic Kingdom.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Disney World as being extremely poor. My husband and I did not enjoy our honeymoon and were unable to enjoy many of the attractions because of these huge international groups. I know that were not the only guests who felt this way.
Disney's Email Response:
Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Walt Disney World® Resort.

I am very sorry for the disappointment you experienced while visiting us for your honeymoon. I wanted to personally assure you that your feedback has been taken seriously and let you know how much we appreciate your comments. Our Guests’ feedback allows for our continual growth and the preservation of the magic Walt Disney dreamed about.

I would like to fully review your situation, and need a copy of the front and back of the Theme Park tickets you purchased. Please also include your mailing address, telephone number and the best time to call you. I will contact you once I have completed my research.
Recieve a  phone call from Disney World:
Hello Ms. Smith,
We are sorry about the inconvience you experienced while on your honeymoon. On behalf of Disney, we would like to give you 2 4day park hopper tickets for a future vacation. They will not expire till 2030 and are valued at $500!!! Who knew that would come out of a phone conversation.

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Rachel(: said...

haha true that is great that you have the opportunity and they gave you the 4day pass(: woopie!