Sunday, August 15, 2010


Christmas only comes one time of the year! This year, Christmas came a bit early. I have been itching for a Digital SLR since college.

Well, Drew and I registered for one when we got married, but we did not expect anyone to buy us one. It retails at $750. When we registered at Target, we secretly hoped people would buy us gift cards there.. And....they did!  (Notice Gilmore girls in the background)

We only had to pay $27.14 out of our pocket! We are so excited.. The battery is charging.. I canot wait to play with it..

Expect updates with lots of good photos now.. :) And Christmas will get better, when I have photoshop :)


Britt said...

Very exciting!!!!

Leslie said...

That is SO cool! How awesome that you were able to get it!!! :) SO excited for you-now you have to come take TONS of pictures of Avi and I! ;)