Monday, August 30, 2010

Chips, Salsa, Road Maps, destinations

Up until this point, my life has been like a bag of tortilla chips with a bowl of salsa. I've always know where I was going and what I was doing. My life was planned with a road map in front of me, pointing towards a destination.

Now, I have no destination, No map. I am wandering aimlessly trying to figure out my next move. I have always been the free spirit one. I could do anything at the drop of a bucket, but I am not sure where life is leading me at this point.

Drew is settling into his career and I feel very restless with mine. I know I was made for something, but what is that something? I love working with children and people... Just wondering if I can make a career out of something.. I have some life goals...

1) Write a Children's Book
2) Run Disney Marathon
3) Own a fancy sports car- Red Sky Saturn Roaster
4) Visit Hawaii
5) Snorkel with Sea Turtles
6) Become Debt Free
7) Work for Disney World ( Yes, I want a pin with my name on it... That is the best part)
8) Become an advocate for Pediatric Cancer
9) Own a house on a lake and own it DEBT FREE
10) Get a Speeding Ticket
11) Meet Martha Stewart or visit her show in NYC
12)  Talk to teens about God
13) Lead someone to Christ
14) Return to Africa
15) Have straight teeth.. ( Yippie for braces, not!)
16) Get a boob removal, totally not kidding.. would like smaller,
17) Lose 40lbs
18) Go on a tv series, i dont care if I play a small or big role..
19) Live in a different state.
20) Eat more fruits and Vegetables
21) Pray more, complain less
22) Gamble in Vegas
23) Work at a University
24) Play a lot!
25) Have blond hair!
26) Worry less, trust God more
27) Inspire people.
These are just a few of my life goals... At this moment, I have no road map or destination..  Just a head full of dreams and ideas.. Who knows if these are realistic, but they are mine..


Britt said...

I love your list, and love the last line of that post!

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