Thursday, August 26, 2010

72 Beats Per Minute

Often a word we associate with red, white and pink shapes. We think of it as a place where it stores our most deepest passions, hurts and a well spring of undying love.

The heart is not only something that love pours through, but a muscle that is taken for granted. The heart is the central circulatory system in the body. It is responsible for pumping blood through all the vessels.  Most hearts beat at 72 beast per minute, which is approximately 2.5 billion beats during a life span of 66 years of age. It's weight is about 300 grams, which is close to 1lb.

This heart is what keeps ones entire body moving forward. It physically keeps us alive and emotionally allows us to experience the depth of human emotions.  The Bible says it is "the well spring of our life" and that it should be protected. I know God intented for us to keep our hearts healthy; emotionally and physically.

: I wonder why in America we don't take care of our hearts?
: Why do we eat horrible foods?
: Why are we so obese that we do not exercise?
: Why do we carry around emotional garbage that could be easily resolved?
: Why do we carry anger and bitterness?
: Why are we so strong willed and stubborn?
:Why do we miss the "little moments"?
: Why do we not thank God for our working heart?

This afternoon, a cold splash of reality hit me in the face and I realized at any point my heart could stop. Each day is not guaranteed. A heart needs to be treated with the most exceptional care.

Have you listened to a loved ones heart beat recently? At any time, that heart could stop! You would never hear it again. Enjoy the sweet moment of listening to a child's heartbeat or a loved one.

Dear Grandma,
Thank you for teaching me that my heart matters. I pray that you will take better care of your heart. Thank you for inspiring me to take my health seriously and allowing me to sit in this moment and reflect on God's most precious gift. Praying that you will be taken care of and for a speedy recovery.
Love, Sarah

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