Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life isn't a fairytale, but bridal showers are fun!

Leslie, sweet girl. She has been though enough junk this year. It is wonderful to just seeing her smile.. A smile can mean the world to someone who is expecting it!

Our beautiful clock.. You will see it hanging up when I put the apartment pictures up..

My cake.. YUM!

Life would not be the same without Cricket. She has been a great mentor and pray parnter. I am so thankful for her love, support and prayers. She is always giving me a great laugh and making me thankful for what I have.

Where would I be without my mom? Mom's are such a gift. If you are lucky like me, you know they are irreplacable. Their countless teaching opporunities are in the small things. My mom has taught me so much about life, and how to love others. She has taught me the gift of kindness, hardwork and a grateful heart. She is a blessing.. So glad I could share this with her.

My kid sister, is the other half of my soul! She is my soul mate. She is my other half, best friend, love her to death and would do anything for her. I am so thankful that God gave me a little sister.. She is the sweetest gift, a sister could ever ask for. She has been such a influence on my life and has been an inspiration. So thankful to share such wonderful memories with her.

Grandma made this for Drew and I. It says " God has poured out his love into our heardts by the holy spirit who he has given us" Romans 5:5. "United in Love Sarah Smith and Andrew Storm July 10, 2010 Olivet Reformed Church Grandville, MI".. She did such a wonderful job.. We are awaiting to hang it up.... It hasnt found a spot on the wall yet, but it will..

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