Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life isn't a fairytale, but 4329 Liberty Square provides shelter from the Storms of Life...

I thought I would give you a virtual tour of our little quaint apartment on 4329 Liberty Square SW.

First, you will have a look at our small, plain, but cute kitchen.

Welcome to our two person dinner table. It is very small as you can see, but it fits us perfect. Hopefully, we wont be adding to our family anytime soon, so it will work for us.. lol..
Oh, the Kitchen.. Hrm.. I love our new stove, the cupboards bother me.. I hate all the fake wood paneling.. Must get working on that.. Oh, and I throw all my crap on the bar.. It's so convenient.
My favorite reading chair. It is like the big comfy kind that you find at Barnes & Nobles. One could sit in this chair for hours reading a great book. I completely skipped the couch because the reading chair is the BOMB!
Moving on to our wonderful Mickey Bathroom. Yes, we have a Mickey bathroom, I know... I am a little crazy, oh, well!! This is our Mickey Mouse Shower..
Now you must look closely at these pictures.. They are all disney themed... Our bathroom is still in progress, but some disney themed art is up!
Yes, Mickey and Minnie are sitting right by the sink. If you come over, you will see we have Mickey Soap.. Oh and we have Mickey Ice Cubes too!!
We have a rug too... :)
Our Huge King Bed!! It is so cozy and big. Oh, do I love this! Probably favorite thing in the whole apartment. Best move to buy a King. Wouldn't buy a smaller bed.. The bedding is crazy expensive, but it is so worth every penny!

Oh, and my Closet, of course!


Britt said...

I Don't see a coffee table picture??

Sarah said...

It's the top picture...

Sarah said...

Wait.. we dont have a coffee table.. too poor.. maybe soon