Sunday, December 27, 2009

Animal Kingdom

We began our first day at Disney in Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has more that 1700 different kinds of animals. Disney's Animal Kingdom is the largest animal theme park in the world.
First stop: Ice Cream... I cant go to animal kingdom without ice cream.. Love the mickey heads!

Chip and Dale were my favorite characters to meet. They were so adorable and were so kind to us... They made a big deal about us being engaged and were very cute about it...

Oh, Donald was a precious jem...

Goofy loved Drew..

Minnie was so pretty in her Christmas outfit. .She wasnt super friendly this year.. Mickey must have eaten all the Christmas cookies....

Thumpers friend... She was a nice bunny..

The African Safarii was so awesome.. It was the size of a real safari and is a real Wild Life Reserve. Kilmajoria's Safari is home to more then 250 different species who live and romp around in a real african nature.

Don't mess with the Croc's... Or a real fatality might occur..

A beautiful and charming Giraffe.

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