Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The wedding is less then 7 months away!! AHH!! I don't feel like I have enough time for it... It is coming up so quick!!

We are starting to check stuff off the list.... We registered at Target today!! It was so fun picking out stuff!!

I also reserved the hotel rooms this week! Reservations can be made at Comfort Suites by calling (616)-667-0733 by requesting Smith/Storm Party. The available rate is $79 a night!

Slowly, but surely we are checking stuff off the big list!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Animal Kingdom

We began our first day at Disney in Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has more that 1700 different kinds of animals. Disney's Animal Kingdom is the largest animal theme park in the world.
First stop: Ice Cream... I cant go to animal kingdom without ice cream.. Love the mickey heads!

Chip and Dale were my favorite characters to meet. They were so adorable and were so kind to us... They made a big deal about us being engaged and were very cute about it...

Oh, Donald was a precious jem...

Goofy loved Drew..

Minnie was so pretty in her Christmas outfit. .She wasnt super friendly this year.. Mickey must have eaten all the Christmas cookies....

Thumpers friend... She was a nice bunny..

The African Safarii was so awesome.. It was the size of a real safari and is a real Wild Life Reserve. Kilmajoria's Safari is home to more then 250 different species who live and romp around in a real african nature.

Don't mess with the Croc's... Or a real fatality might occur..

A beautiful and charming Giraffe.

Day 1 Disney Style

We stayed at Pop Century. Pop century is a Walt Disney Resort filled with different decades with all kinds of memoriable.

Drew's first look at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom... So excited we were!

Drew really wanted this giant rice krispie treat, but it was 12.95.. Either way, great photo OP!

"Mickey, why you have such a cute nose."

At downtown Disney... Taking some cute pics!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cooking up some Christmas Cookies

Every year, we always cookie decorate. I have very fond memoires of cookie decorating with the storm family. One year, Drew recieved frosting in his ear, curtesy of myself.. This year, he recieved green frosting in his hair and a cookie smashed on his face. We could not capture this moment on camera, as he was chasing me.. We always have fun and make lots of memories while cookie decorating..

Awwe.. We're happy

Nice picture Drew!!

How sweet..

"Hey you, are you taking my picture?"


Drew was slapping on the red frosting..

Whitney and Rachel decorating Christmas cookies.. YUM!!

A cadillac Christmas

Whitney was thrilled :)

Cheese face!!

Drew and his family always go to Cadillac to celebrate Christmas with his grandparents. This year was no exception to the past traditions. This year, it my first time up there. Granny has everything decked out in the house. She really goes through all the trouble to make her house festive.

The entire clan!

She wasn't expecting a picture :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow and lots of it folks...

This week, I have had two snow days! How wonderful it has been not to go to work.. It is nice to be able to sleep, relax and enjoy holiday movies..

As the snow was falling one evening, I found a deer in my front yard. The picture isn't super clear, but you can see the Doe was eating something in our front yard. How cool!!

The beginning of the Holidays

Drew took me on a surprise date to Grand Haven. We went to see Christmas lights that were synthesized to music. It was so awesome. They had four shows. It was down a street in Grand Haven. Originally, their was a contest between two neighbors, which eventually turned into a whole street affair. The lights have cost over $30,000. It is a free event and absolutely worth the 30 minute drive and 45 minute wait in line. It was a great time.. The video's are cool, but here are some still shots for you.