Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Callendar Family

Almost 10 years ago, I stepped into my first day of highschool for French 1. Mrs. Callendar was my french teacher. She is this bubbly, small, crazy lady!! I loved her class!! She made french so enjoyable! I learned to love the language and culture.

Since my years in college, I have caught up with her. We actually trained for the fifth third river bank run for this past spring..

She then needed someone to watch her kids... Totally blessing in degise... I had no idea how I would work, intern and take classes.. .God is good ! He knows our needs and will provide..
Long story short, she needs me to work for her when I am able to, which leaves time for interning and night classes!! God is good for sure!

Meet the kids!

I decided it would be fun to make Halloween cookies!!

Max, this is kid is so cute.. He makes up all these big giagantic stories and I actually believe him!! Stinker!!!

Chloe is the oldest and is always wanting everything to be even... Silly kidss..

Now, I dont like to have favorites, but Josie is such a sweet, tender hearted little girl!! She has the grace of God.. She reminds me of God's gentleness and compassion..

Max loves cookies!

It was a joyful day for all! I could do this the rest of my life!!

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