Wednesday, June 24, 2009

biopsy results, electrical fires and wedding details

The biopsy results came back from my thyroid as non-cancerous, which is wonderful... Basically, I have a lympth node that is huge and will be there, unless I want removed. The surgeon wasn't concerned about it and said I should not be either.. So, that is that..

My Volkswagen Beetle had an electrical fire.. Nice.. On Thursday, I noticed my air conditioning was out and so were my lights.. I was like "what the heck"? I took my car into the dealership last Friday and found "Gus" had an electrical fire.. How awesome!! The service manager at the dealer ship said I was lucky to be alive and was surprised that the entire car did not set on fire. In addition, he was surprised that the fire stopped, but short circuited all of the fuses in my car, which is why I lost air and lights..
I called my insurance company and they are going to pick up the tab! Praise Jesus!!

Wedding Details:

The date is set! Mark your calendar for July 10, 2010.. Our Hopes are to spend our honeymoon in Maui and Kauai Hawaii! Now we must start saving for it!!

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Erin said...

woooo! so excited for you, Sarah.