Monday, April 27, 2009

12 miles, retirement parties and babies

I have been training with a friend of mine named Jen. She and I are training for the fifth third riverbank run = 15.5 miles. Every Saturday morning, I meet her out in hudsonville and we run are long runs. This past Saturday, we ran 12 miles in 25mph winds, rain and blowing dirt.. It was an accomplishment. I pray that on race day the weather is beautiful!

In the afternoon, my Aunt Jo had a retirement party that was supposed to be a surprise, but someone spilled the beans! In addition, there was a clown who did some lovely entertainment..

It was nice to catch up with some family on my moms side.

I was really hungry after running 12 miles and the food was yummy!! I was happy as you can see. I could not move for the pictures, so drew had to come pose for a picture.. I was not getting out my chair...

After the party, Drew and I had to watch the nanny babies.. I was exhausted after this crazy day!! Our entire weekend was booked.. Even sunday, but it was a wonderful weekend!!

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