Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 Miles

10 miles seems like forever.

This morning I did not even think I could run 2 miles. i was so exhausted from the 4mile run on Friday, that i didnt think I could do anymore, but Jen pushed me and off we went running 10 miles. It's crazy.. We ran from Hudsonville, halfway to Grandville through Jenison and back to Hudsonville..

It is odd, but we do not realize how much a mile is until we are on foot. My feet really hurt, my ankles are all banged up, but other then that.. I feel pretty decent.. I really just want to sleep, but that is the worse..

Running really made me think about life and how so often in life we make choices.. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is a choice. The mind is more powerful then we believe.. If people can run all 50 states marathons day after day, I sure as heck can run the riverbank..

My thoughts feel very flighty on this post and it is probably because I do not have any solid in my stomach. My sugar levels are pretty low.. I apologize for the ADD post!!

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