Monday, April 27, 2009

12 miles, retirement parties and babies

I have been training with a friend of mine named Jen. She and I are training for the fifth third riverbank run = 15.5 miles. Every Saturday morning, I meet her out in hudsonville and we run are long runs. This past Saturday, we ran 12 miles in 25mph winds, rain and blowing dirt.. It was an accomplishment. I pray that on race day the weather is beautiful!

In the afternoon, my Aunt Jo had a retirement party that was supposed to be a surprise, but someone spilled the beans! In addition, there was a clown who did some lovely entertainment..

It was nice to catch up with some family on my moms side.

I was really hungry after running 12 miles and the food was yummy!! I was happy as you can see. I could not move for the pictures, so drew had to come pose for a picture.. I was not getting out my chair...

After the party, Drew and I had to watch the nanny babies.. I was exhausted after this crazy day!! Our entire weekend was booked.. Even sunday, but it was a wonderful weekend!!

A surprise

Friday evening, I am laying on my bed watching tv. Drew calls me and asks "what are you doing?" I said, I am just thinking in my bed...

He was like.. Well, I have the night off! Paid! I said, let's go to Holland!!!
He was like.. I was thinking that too!! I have been wanting to see a sunset in like forever. .The weather was in the 80's!! That never happens in April!

We had a blast watching the beautiful sun set!!

It was a nice surprise to start are weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A child hold

As many of you know, I work at Godwin in the Early Special Education program. I spend my time working with children who are developmentally delayed, whether social, emotional, physical or mental challenges.

It is a joy to work with them most days!

Today, was a day that tested my patience for sure... We have an individual student whom throws huge aggressive tantrums. He borders Emotionally Impaired or the Autism Spectrum disorder. .He is only 4 and it too young for a diagnose yet...

On a normal day he is throwing his body, yelling or pushing.. Today was no exception to a normal day.. However, he punched me and then I had to do what is called a "child position hold" which protects him and other students... He was extremely aggressive and angry today..

Well, documentation and a call home is the protocol for this situation. Mom was angry. She came and picked him up. I don't think he will return to school tomorrow.. She was pretty upset.. She has not come to grips that her child has a problem... It is sad and heart breaking for me... Especially, since I was the one to do it.. It always seems like it is me dealing with these crazy situations..

Anyways.. That was part of the bad day.. I have a lot more to say, but I am trying to rejoice that is almost the end of the week!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Running, holland, Jillian Michaels and lots of pain....

Saturday, I ran a training race that was 9.3 miles and I did it under 2hrs.. I was pretty happy because I am trying to get my time down.. So, it was good race and the weather was beautiful.....

Then, Drew and I went to Holland! I love Holland! It is a wonderful beautiful place and the weather couldnt have been better. Drew and I went to Gazelle sports where he bought me a new peri-winkle running jacket for my birthday! It is so great! It is a winter coat, but it is light enough to wear for the spring or in layers.. It is water proof.. I love it!!

Yesterday, I bought Jillian Michaels work out DVD and man! It sure is tough!! It is a great workout. .I am sweating, but loving it! I hope I can make it past circuit 2!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Church, Homosexuals and other hateful statements

Over the past five weeks, I have been part of a Bible study at Church. Drew and I are attending his parents church.

It is a bit more conservative in my taste. It is very old school in certain aspects, but what really kills me is the small mindedness...

During Bible study this week, an individual who is extremely conservative brought up the topic of "homosexuals" (gays and lesbians as I refer).. I think the term "homosexuals" is so degrading and explicit to the individual. It makes them sound as if they are not human, but labeled by a sexual preference..(Social worker in me)

Any way, the conversation went something like this.... Now, we are going to call Person A - Bob for the sake of confidentiality.

Bob says.... "Homosexuality is a sin and is a sinful life style". "They should not be allowed to worship in our church, with our God."

My head is exploding at this point... I am saying nothing.. I am new to the church and cannot really start up anything at this point...

Sure, it is sin, but so is stealing, lying, gossiping,ect.. And guess what? God still allows me to worship in his church, even though I am sinful, I live a sinful lifestyle.. It is human nature... I am was floored.. I am floored and pissed to see a group of people being targeted by the church..

Everyday, we all fall short of God's glory and we are all sinful.. For some, it is a life style of greed of gluttony or whatever the case may be, but God still calls us to enter into worship with him.. Why can I be called to worship when I live a lifestyle of greed, but a "homosexual" cannot?

I want people to be able to feel and taste our God. I would invite those who seem undeemable according to "Bob" in church because they matter. I would rather them taste the love of God even if it were for one time, then tell them not to come and taste my forgiving and loving God.

I think of David, who had a bazillion concubines, and made tons of mistakes, but God still called him "A man after my own heart". We can screw up, fall short and like David.. Slut it up so to speak, and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Why does the church and members of its body target one area of sin, but not another?? Why don't we talk about divorce? Lack of financial giving to the church? Greed? Lust? All are sin.. Me= pissed......

In no way, am I advocating people live a sinful lifestyle, the purpose is just to say we all fall short everyday, but we can still enter into Gods presence asking for Grace and Mercy.

Other hateful statement came up about abortions. I will not talk specifically about the statements made, but will I will say is...

Abortion is the hardest thing a woman will ever have to do.. To decide to terminate a pregnancy is one of the most difficult things.. While critics may say to terminate a life is fast soulution to the problem, but the implications of this termination has a life long impact that a woman deals with day in and day out.

Some church members may say she deserves it, but I think God wants us to live free from persecution, shame and guilt. He comes to erase shame, guilt and shouldn't the church journey with a woman be this way?

God does the judging, we are supposed to do the loving....

I think our approach should be.. Meet them were they are .. Build trust and rapport, then lets get to the heart of the matter..

Christianity is dying in our nation.. I wonder why? Because life is tough and church would rather stick a Bible Bandaid on everything... I don't believe we should except worldly things, but the approach to worldly things is fine line between understanding or being offensive...

God does the judging, we do the loving....

I'm off my soap box...

Monday, April 13, 2009

A turn of Events....

Easter turned out to be very interesting.

Drew and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about student loans when my dad runs in and says "Motorcycle." Then he yelled at Candy and ran out the house. Immediately, I go to see what is going on and at the end of our driveway is a lady with a motorcycle on top of her...

Scary... She gets up, but is all shaken up.. Blood is coming from her hand and knee.. She was in shock... All of a sudden, I see the pieces of the bike and pieces of a car in the road..

She had hit Drew's parked car.. It got pretty scrapped and she took off his mirror... She was okay, but she was driving without a license and the motorcycle was uninsured... sighs...

It was interesting...

And after the police had showed up and all was taken care of.....

Matt brought these.....

They look like puppies, but they are actually baby raccoons.... Cute huh?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This morning at church, Mr. Mrs. Storm, and Whit made profession of faith. In addition, they were baptized.. It was an emotional moment to see how God has moved in their life and how they have transformed.

Whitney reading with the proud parents!

Josh asking and reminding the storms of their commitment to Christ and the church.

Baptism... Brr.... The water was cold!

It was neat to be able to be take part in their day!

The happy couple!

Happy Easter everyone!! He is risen!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day with the Nanny Babes!

A day with toddlers, is always a joyful day!

On my spring break, I was able to spend some time with the "nanny babies" as I call them.

Katelyn and Sam are talking so much.... Katelyn is starting to say "am" for Sam and Sam can say "KA" for Katelyn. They are talking so much... My favorite thing is when you ask them to say "yes".. They just shake their heads up and down.. Toddler years are such a blessing and joy!!

Katelyn and Sam are able to crawl down the stairs backwards, but they are starting to try to walk down the stairs.. It makes me so nervous because I don't want them to fall... I caught them giggling on the stairs because they were standing on them...

Blankets! Oh, my goodness.. They are not allowed to have their blankets, but yesterday,they both threw a fit for them... So, I gave in and let them have em!!!

I wonder what the Oreo company would think of this picture???

Imagine, your feet were once this small! Precious!

Katelyn always has a laugh to offer!

Trying on shoes! These two, especially Sam, love to try on things.. They love to dress up!!! I think this would be perfect for an article in an issue of Runners World!! I may submit a story.. I think it would be great!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A week of Dates!

This week has been a bit unusual. Currently, I am on Spring Break from my job! It has been nice to only have to attend class.

I used to think I was busy in undergrad with 4 classes, but I know now, that I am even more busier taking 4 classes plus a part time job..

This week has been nice and relaxing.

I have been able to spend all week with Drew. Every night we have gone on a date. Monday we cooked dinner, yesterday we went out to Holland Brewing Company for a late birthday dinner that I owed him from October..
It has been nice to live a "normal" life for a week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Homework.. It never ends....

I am sitting here trying to write a paper on breast cancer, when my mind wanders everywhere but what I am writing.

I really am trying to avoid my homework at all costs.

I am ready to have a normal life.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 Miles

10 miles seems like forever.

This morning I did not even think I could run 2 miles. i was so exhausted from the 4mile run on Friday, that i didnt think I could do anymore, but Jen pushed me and off we went running 10 miles. It's crazy.. We ran from Hudsonville, halfway to Grandville through Jenison and back to Hudsonville..

It is odd, but we do not realize how much a mile is until we are on foot. My feet really hurt, my ankles are all banged up, but other then that.. I feel pretty decent.. I really just want to sleep, but that is the worse..

Running really made me think about life and how so often in life we make choices.. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is a choice. The mind is more powerful then we believe.. If people can run all 50 states marathons day after day, I sure as heck can run the riverbank..

My thoughts feel very flighty on this post and it is probably because I do not have any solid in my stomach. My sugar levels are pretty low.. I apologize for the ADD post!!