Sunday, March 29, 2009

Someday a Dad

Yesterday evening, Drew and I had the pleasure of watching the "nanny babies." I love watching and seeing them grow into toddlers.

They are babbling lots of words and are doing goofy things. We had such a blast with them.

Drew was great with them. He will be a great dad someday as long as he doesn't give our kids 5 fruit snacks all in a row.

For snack I decided some fruit snacks would be good. So, I give Drew five for Sam and then I had five for Katelyn. I look over and Drew doesn't have any.. Meanwhile, I see Sam's face full and I knew that he had eaten all of them... Drew had assumed Sam had chewed them all, which clearly wasn't the case.. Needless to say, I had to stick my hands in Sam's mouth and remove two fruit snacks because he couldn't chew them all.. Parenting will be a joy someday.. I look forward to it with Drew. He will be a good dad.. He has so much love to give..

Look at that mouth full!!

Before bedtime, Drew got in the rocker and started rocking them both to bed. It was very precious... Any wife would cherish seeing her husband rock their kids to bed...

This weekend was very memorable.

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