Monday, March 2, 2009

Red Letters

The topic of my blog is injustice that I find in the world because injustice bothers me. I chose my career path of social work to help those who are deemed as the “least of these”. Often, Christians are not helping those who are the “least of these”. The church has failed at helping those who are the poor. Instead, it is more comfortable to sit in our big houses, driving our fancy cars not even brushing arms with the poor. I am guilty of this sin just like the church.

There are a lot of assumptions that you makes, we make about people who are poor and unless you have spent time and interact with people who are poor, you have no idea what their lives are like.

It is easier to make judgments about people rather then get to know them. I found that I have become much more judgmental due to the field of work I find myself studying.

I am reading this book called Red Letters by Tom Davis. This book is who I am and how I feel trapped by helping those and unsure how to do it.

The cover of the book states if you buy the book, you feed an orphan for a month…That alone catches one’s attention, however, I found this book at Goodwill, so whomever bought it before me supported an orphan for a month. The book costs $19.95 retail price.

Imagine, supporting an orphan for a month on 20 bucks!

It is unreal.

The book is great.

Did you know that 19,000 children await adoption in Michigan?


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