Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Year Goals

As I posted earlier this year, I wanted to achieve a new year goal of being more kind to people. I have a tendency to be selfish and I can become concerned with my needs instead of others.

Yesterday, I decided to step out of my selfish needs to help someone. A woman I work with, has a disabled daughter with Cerebal Palsy who is also partially deaf and blind. While these physical limiations may hinder one, she does not allow to hinder her spirit. Carley is a wonderful thirteen year old who offers a huge smile and lots of laughter. Her mother, Sherri is a single parent of three and never has the opportunity to go out without having to worry about finances to hire a sitter and one that understands the needs of her thirteen year old Carley.

I decided to give her a break. I offered free babysitting for a night, so she could out and not worry about anything. Carley and I had a blast.

I am not posting this to give myself credit, but rather posting because I want to talk about the change that took place inside of me. This reminded me of how good it feels to give back to other people. It also has allowed me to look at the life on a woman who has three children and how her life daily is a challenge when having a disabled child.

I am reminded that God wants us to help those who are deemed as the "least of these". This was a great experience for me to help someone else.

I recommend stepping out your comfort zone and helping someone else!

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Wheels said...

That's really neat! It feels so good to help others!:) We go to be a blessing and in the end, we get blessed!! I admire u for making such a worth-while difference and am right here beside u striving to show Christ's love to others in need!! Keep it up,Sister; ur making an impact on this world!:)