Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cloudy Day

I find myself at a loss for words.

Life is swirling on by and I feel that I cannot keep up with the pace.

Assessments, field placement applications, trainings, work, homework, Bible study, training for a race, it all seems like so much. I can barely keep myself on top of things.

I have a planner, which helps me keep track of my life, but time goes by faster then what my planner says I should have accomplished for the day. I feel like I lagging behind, then I get caught up and in another minute... I am behind again.. It is this repetitive thing I find myself in...

I hate feeling like I am complaining, but I wonder when life will get easier. I love my life, but the pace this week feels like I am in a race car that isn't slowing down...

Luckily, Drew and I are planning a trip to Disney World come December. I find mind going to that happy place, where I can have a week of peace, fun and Mickey! I cannot wait!!!

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