Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catch Up Time

It sure has been a while.. Life changes in a week...

Today, Drew and I booked our Disney Plane Tickets.. Now, we have to book the trip and we are all set to see Mickey Dec 15- 21st! .. Me= Stoked!! I cannt sleep I am so excited!

Friday, Drew and I went to the circus.. I havent been since our first date! It was fun to see all the animals and it was just something different.. We had a good time!

Yesterday, I spent time running 6miles with Jen..She used to be my old french teacher from highschool.. It is sorta weird to run with a former teacher, but she is just like an awesome friend! I love her... Jen used to be a big time runner before she had kids... She was trainning for an Ultra Marathon (50+ miles, but then was pregnant.. We are talking about the Chicago Marathon and then stepping it up from there.. So, for the next Saturdays, I will be running every morning.. I pray that they will be nice running conditions...

This weekend(Saturday) was my mom's birthday.. It is funny how the older you get, the more you appreciate life... Mom is the best.. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so thankful for her..

I did not do any homework this weekend and I will pay for it this week.. Oh, well!

In addition, Rachel and I played some much needed kick ball.. The weather was so beautiful! Praise Jesus!


Wheels said...

Sweet!! I'm excited for you to get some MICKEY TIME and fun!!!:) Until then, Enjoy the sunshine and other fun times!!!

Unknown said...
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