Sunday, March 29, 2009

Someday a Dad

Yesterday evening, Drew and I had the pleasure of watching the "nanny babies." I love watching and seeing them grow into toddlers.

They are babbling lots of words and are doing goofy things. We had such a blast with them.

Drew was great with them. He will be a great dad someday as long as he doesn't give our kids 5 fruit snacks all in a row.

For snack I decided some fruit snacks would be good. So, I give Drew five for Sam and then I had five for Katelyn. I look over and Drew doesn't have any.. Meanwhile, I see Sam's face full and I knew that he had eaten all of them... Drew had assumed Sam had chewed them all, which clearly wasn't the case.. Needless to say, I had to stick my hands in Sam's mouth and remove two fruit snacks because he couldn't chew them all.. Parenting will be a joy someday.. I look forward to it with Drew. He will be a good dad.. He has so much love to give..

Look at that mouth full!!

Before bedtime, Drew got in the rocker and started rocking them both to bed. It was very precious... Any wife would cherish seeing her husband rock their kids to bed...

This weekend was very memorable.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fairy Tales Come True

It's offical!

The Disney Trip has been booked!

I cannot even contain my super- de- duper excitment!

I am so stoked..

Decemeber 15-21st, I will be in Disney Heaven!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I feel like I have nothing exciting or life changing to say on my blog..

I am out of words....

School, work and Drew are my life.

Nothing has changed. I am doing nothing of exciting importance.


I am running in circles going nowhere fast!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last night I had a dream that I quit my Masters Program, moved to Flordia and worked for Mickey..


If that was only a reality..

This week, I feel like I am not good at anything..

It started with something small and has built up to those feelings...

I know I have gifts and talents, but this week they seem so distant....

It is weird, but the more I study social work, the more I realize that I do not have to be in this field forever....

I was talking with a classmate yesterday and I told her, I dont think I will be in social work forever. I must remember that my degree does not define who or what I am capable of... I can change my mind at any time and do anything...

Life seems so confusing when you are trying to establish a sense of your strengths in employment situations...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catch Up Time

It sure has been a while.. Life changes in a week...

Today, Drew and I booked our Disney Plane Tickets.. Now, we have to book the trip and we are all set to see Mickey Dec 15- 21st! .. Me= Stoked!! I cannt sleep I am so excited!

Friday, Drew and I went to the circus.. I havent been since our first date! It was fun to see all the animals and it was just something different.. We had a good time!

Yesterday, I spent time running 6miles with Jen..She used to be my old french teacher from highschool.. It is sorta weird to run with a former teacher, but she is just like an awesome friend! I love her... Jen used to be a big time runner before she had kids... She was trainning for an Ultra Marathon (50+ miles, but then was pregnant.. We are talking about the Chicago Marathon and then stepping it up from there.. So, for the next Saturdays, I will be running every morning.. I pray that they will be nice running conditions...

This weekend(Saturday) was my mom's birthday.. It is funny how the older you get, the more you appreciate life... Mom is the best.. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so thankful for her..

I did not do any homework this weekend and I will pay for it this week.. Oh, well!

In addition, Rachel and I played some much needed kick ball.. The weather was so beautiful! Praise Jesus!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cloudy Day

I find myself at a loss for words.

Life is swirling on by and I feel that I cannot keep up with the pace.

Assessments, field placement applications, trainings, work, homework, Bible study, training for a race, it all seems like so much. I can barely keep myself on top of things.

I have a planner, which helps me keep track of my life, but time goes by faster then what my planner says I should have accomplished for the day. I feel like I lagging behind, then I get caught up and in another minute... I am behind again.. It is this repetitive thing I find myself in...

I hate feeling like I am complaining, but I wonder when life will get easier. I love my life, but the pace this week feels like I am in a race car that isn't slowing down...

Luckily, Drew and I are planning a trip to Disney World come December. I find mind going to that happy place, where I can have a week of peace, fun and Mickey! I cannot wait!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Year Goals

As I posted earlier this year, I wanted to achieve a new year goal of being more kind to people. I have a tendency to be selfish and I can become concerned with my needs instead of others.

Yesterday, I decided to step out of my selfish needs to help someone. A woman I work with, has a disabled daughter with Cerebal Palsy who is also partially deaf and blind. While these physical limiations may hinder one, she does not allow to hinder her spirit. Carley is a wonderful thirteen year old who offers a huge smile and lots of laughter. Her mother, Sherri is a single parent of three and never has the opportunity to go out without having to worry about finances to hire a sitter and one that understands the needs of her thirteen year old Carley.

I decided to give her a break. I offered free babysitting for a night, so she could out and not worry about anything. Carley and I had a blast.

I am not posting this to give myself credit, but rather posting because I want to talk about the change that took place inside of me. This reminded me of how good it feels to give back to other people. It also has allowed me to look at the life on a woman who has three children and how her life daily is a challenge when having a disabled child.

I am reminded that God wants us to help those who are deemed as the "least of these". This was a great experience for me to help someone else.

I recommend stepping out your comfort zone and helping someone else!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Red Letters

The topic of my blog is injustice that I find in the world because injustice bothers me. I chose my career path of social work to help those who are deemed as the “least of these”. Often, Christians are not helping those who are the “least of these”. The church has failed at helping those who are the poor. Instead, it is more comfortable to sit in our big houses, driving our fancy cars not even brushing arms with the poor. I am guilty of this sin just like the church.

There are a lot of assumptions that you makes, we make about people who are poor and unless you have spent time and interact with people who are poor, you have no idea what their lives are like.

It is easier to make judgments about people rather then get to know them. I found that I have become much more judgmental due to the field of work I find myself studying.

I am reading this book called Red Letters by Tom Davis. This book is who I am and how I feel trapped by helping those and unsure how to do it.

The cover of the book states if you buy the book, you feed an orphan for a month…That alone catches one’s attention, however, I found this book at Goodwill, so whomever bought it before me supported an orphan for a month. The book costs $19.95 retail price.

Imagine, supporting an orphan for a month on 20 bucks!

It is unreal.

The book is great.

Did you know that 19,000 children await adoption in Michigan?