Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pink Hot dogs, tears and jelly sandwhiches

Pink Hotdogs!

Can you imagine your child eating pink hot dogs for lunch? Do people realize how unhealthy the food that is served at school is so wrong? It has occured to me how in schools, children are eating food that is inhumane. I was disgusted by pink hots dogs. Our country is the most wealthy country in the world, we should be able to afford for our students eat properly.

I am mad!

These kids come from places of poverty where the only meal they recieve is at school.

Pink hot dogs! It is wrong.. It makes me sad to see so many kids who are hungry and do not eat the meal at school because it isnt edible. I wish that someone could step up to the plate and make healthy food available to children who have no other option.

Many of the kids in my class cannot function without food because they are so hungry and they cannot pay attention. Without the basic needs met, kids cannot learn.. How can teachers and principals accept otherwise then students not paying attention and acting out if basic needs have not been met.

Just a thought.

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