Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Octuplet Mom

This morning, I was delighted to be able to spend some my time with my dear Kelsey. It felt like we were in college again at Panera. I miss my friends dearly. It is so nice to hear what is going on in her life. I am very excited to see how she is going to use her talents and gifts to glorify God.

I have decided I wanted to write a blog based on injustice. Daily, individuals are treated less then human and it’s sickening to think that humans are no longer value in our society. I hope to discuss some interesting topic on here.
My first thought of social injustice deals with the “Octuplet Mom” children. In previous social work experience, I have worked with children who are living in compromised living situations and I cannot help but feel that her children in someway will be in that situation. One child is already autistic, the other has special needs and she has another child with Aspergerers. These types of kids require a lot of strength, patience and dedication. These are wonderful kids, but they need a special kind of attention, love and support. I struggle to wonder if the new 8 children brought home will be taken care of to their fullest needs. I cannot help but wonder the type of impact 8 more children will have on her current children. I know the mother has been receiving a lot of criticism and my point here is not to judge, but to think about how these children will grow up. Her kids do not have a voice in this situation and I wonder what they would say 20 years from now. Would they be better put up for adoption? What will their life look like without a father? Will the children make it to highschool graduation? I just wonder about a lot of different things and I think it’s important to understand that the biological, social and psychological implications are extremely important in this situation. Keep kids safe and healthy is my number one goal.

I wonder how the mother is handling all the media, threats and judgment. It is clear that individuals have their own opinions and that is perfectly fine, but I wonder what would happen if would surround her with love. What would happen if a community came around her and said, “We’ll help you” even though she chose this situation. I wonder what that would look and feel like…. Its shame to me that we like to point the finger, make judgment calls, when we all have made plenty of mistakes. I surely do not agree with some of her choices, but they have been made. I am curious what others think about this topic. .Any thoughts? Should we help her? Ignore her?

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