Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Nanny Files

Friday, I spent the day with the babies. I love them a lot ! I have noticed since I have stopped watching them, that they fight. They hit each other and there no longer seems to be harmony between them. It makes me sad because I know how many individuals are watching them and they do not have that consistent discipline. Either way, it was great to see them. They are talking a lot now, which is so fun! Katelyn is starting to say "yumkic" for yuckie. She says it when she sees food on the floor or when some thing is dirty. It is so funny!

It is amazing how kids change in three weeks. In additon to the new found language, the kids are starting to run. Katelyn used to stumble when walking, but now she is full force and running. They are fast little buggers!

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