Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have a little faith in me

This weekend Drew and I were super busy! We went to see the movie “New in Town”. It was a great representation of the current job loss our country faces. It is about a small town that is going to lose it’s livelihood by a big corporation, when Rene Zeilweegaar comes to try and save the plant. It just reminded me about how thankful people need to be about the jobs they have and help those who do not have jobs. Times are tough, people are suffering, but God is God and he is Good.

On another note Drew and I went and looked at engagement rings. I am admit I may be some what picky. I turned down about five or six rings till I found one that I thought was perfect. I do not want to be materialistic and honestly, any ring would be fine, but some just do not look good on my finger or others are just too fancy, not me. I did find a ring that is a 1 ½ ctw and it is beautiful. The wedding band is another 1/2 ctw. I must say it is breath taking! The picture makes it seem bigger then what it really is....

On a more serious note, Drew’s grandma is in the hospital. They have done some tests, but they do not know what is wrong with her. She is having a hard time breathing, so prayers are necessary. Aside from that, a lot of drama is happening in Drew’s extended family, so prayers are needed. 60% of his extended family is out of a job. It is just a tough time for many folks, so we just need to turn our heads and hearts to God

This weekend I was able to spend a majority of the time relaxing and I really needed it. I pray that everyone is doing well. Until next time, may Gods peace surround you.

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