Monday, February 16, 2009


Blessed is the word that I would describe having Drew in my life. This weekend I did not display my kindest, patient virtues. I had to cram for a huge mid-term on the DSM. I studied Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day. This mid-term was 30% of my grade and I am pretty sure I bombed it!

Anyways, Drew was very sweet through it. Sunday, he had me come over and study, which I didn’t think was going to happen, but he was very proactive about telling me that I needed to study. He was extremely encouraging and helped me study. He even did a new look for my blog, which I love!!! It is awesome. I am so happy when I come to my blog now! In addition to the blog, he also cooked spaghetti dinner, roles and meatballs. It was fantastic. He was sounderstanding and sweet even though I was stressed and crazy! It was very nice. He also burned me the new Fray cd! I highly recommend it!

Valentines week was highly memorable even though I had a crazy midterm to study for! I am so blessed to have someone so loving and kind to help me through my Masters Program! I am very thankful for him!

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