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RIP Grandpa Glen!

My Grandpa Glen was a very good, kind hearted man who loved the Lord and wanted to use his life for purpose. He was a man who did what Jesus called us to do when he said to visit those who were in prision.

Yesterday, he went home to be with his Savior Jesus and we couldnt be more excited for him! He had a wonderful ministry that touched the lives of individuals who were on death row. He believed that they mattered too. So often, we forget that these are people with families, people with stories.

His ministry touched the lifes of many and I pray that my grandma will continue the work that they have both set out to do..

Here is story of a man that his ministry touched!

This is Freddy’s story. It is of necessity short. You see, Freddy resides on Texas’ death row. He came to death row in August, 2002 at the ripe old age of 18.
Freddy has probably seen more of the bad side of life in his 18 years than most people have who are in their 50’s. His life has not been at all easy by any stretch of the imagination. This does not excuse him of what he has been convicted of; but in telling, there is understanding…not just of Freddy, but of a cancer that is in our country that needs to be excised. That cancer is in letting our children run wild and us not doing anything about it.

Now we have let it go so far, the only hope we have is what we should have been doing all along: Praying! You will see how prayer has changed Freddy’s life. Now the only thing that can save Freddy is a miracle. But then, I know the maker of miracles.

As we read Freddy’s story, I pray the Holy Spirit will convict us of our unwillingness to spend time in communion with the Father. He can, and will and wants to do miracles in our lives.

The miracle Jesus has done in Freddy’s life is that He has become Freddy’s Lord and Savior. There is an amazing transformation in Freddy. I hope Jesus is real in your life too; because you see, without Jesus you are also on death row. Maybe you’re not locked up in a 60 square foot cell, but your end without Jesus is just as bad as Freddy’s was.

Freddy went from death to life on death row. If he can do that, you can too. Read about Freddy now; not just with your eyes, but also with your heart. This is his story. It is typed with the exact spelling as he wrote it.

Pastor Glenn Taylor

"Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hi! My name is Jorge Salinas. I have been praying so God can help me reach out to those who are among drugs and gangs as well as those who’s life seem not to have a purpose or no meaning. Also to those who’s lives have been changed threw the great power of God. Let this be another testimony.

It is kind of hard for me to be writing this. I would preffer to be present and speaking it out of my own mouth instead of writing it.

I would like to go back to when I was 10 yrs old just a little boy, 4th grade. My mom worked almost all day long. She didn’t get payed much. We rented so she had to pay rent, food and clothes. Since she worked my brother took care of me. He took me everywhere he went. I met all his “Homeboys” which taught me how to smoke weed. At 10 years old I had already smoked my first joint. It made me feel good being high. Everything seemed funny for no reason. Little by little I was using this drug. In 6 grade I became a member of a gang. Doing all kinds of small crimes like stealing, writing graffiti on walls, breaking the windows of other peoples houses, skipping school and other small crimes. Junior High was way different. Major change! More students, more gangs, more problems.

Since my mom could only afford to buy me clothes from the flea market I had too much pride wearing it cause I saw other students in school wearing all kinds of expensive stuff that I couldn’t afford. It made me feel down. I started doing more drugs, skipping school and fighting with other rival gang members. I was send to Alternative School several times, and ended up getting expelled and flunking 7th grade.

Street life was hard. Gangs. Drugs. Drive-By shootings. Stealing someone elses TV’s, VCR. Bigger things now. I wasn’t stealing candys from the store! No! Now I wanted to make money. I had a lot of other rival gangs. My family didn’t have no kind of transportation. We didn’t have no car so we had to walk. Eather to the store---to the park---to a Homeboy’s house. Where ever we had to go we go walking. We always ran into rival gangs. Since they did have cars we had to run and hide. My brother and I we never knew if they (rival gang) had a gun with them or base ball bats or what?! So, we had to run and hide. Sometimes we throw rocks at them and break their car windows.

In 8th grade I was still 14 when another gang tried to get me out of the house because I had beaten up another gang member. We, my brother and I, had a gun in the house, so we shot at the gangsters. No one got hurt. My brother was arrested. I was released for being a juvenile. My brother was released from county jail a few weeks after. We were back on the same spot till we got involved in drug dealing. I got locked up and send to a rehab program for 9 months. I got arrested for burglary of a vehicle, graffiti and selling cocaine to an undercover cop. I was kicked out of rehab for fighting. Still the gangs! I spent 1 month in Juvenile Center. Small cell. No TV. No nothing. Just toilet paper, bunk to sleep in and pillow. The food was not much. I was released back to my mother’s custody. The month I was released was June and guess what?! That same month of June I got locked up again! I was 16. I was arrested for Aggravated Robbery, Agg. Assault on a police officer, escape and 2 counts of criminal mischief. I was send to boot camp program. I had 5 or 6 Sargents yelling, screeming and spitting in my face all at once. Ordering and forceing me to do all kinds of exccersice. Boot camp was an awful place! A lot of other inmates passed out cause of too much exccercise. Others threw up. It was hard being pushed around. Building anger inside of us. After 6 months of pain and suffering I graduated and was released back to my mother’s custody. I was also placed on probation till my 18th B-day. I was released on Feb. the 28th. Still 16. Turned 17 a month after my release which meant I was an adult already. I got a capital murder case picked up. During the 6 months that I was out I got a girl pregnant which now has my son. Right now I’m on Death Row at 19 years of age locked up behind bars. I thought about suicide several times back in county jail. Drugs. Gangs. It’s just not worth it!

Drugs? I overdose once on cocaine. Still, I kept on doing it. Gangs? Shoting others or getting shot at! For What? To defend something that you realy don’t know who, what, where, or when or why it started? Once you join in a gang your so called “click brothers” show you love and care but what happens when you realy need their help? Where are they? If you ask me I’ll tell you this, “I don’t know.” Never once did they say, “Hey you know what? Our brother Freddy is locked up faceing Death Row. How about go give him a visit and encourage him that it’s not the end of the world. As long as there is life their’s hope.” Nope! Not once did my “Homeboys” visit me. Not once did my “Homeboys” wrote me a letter and told me “Keep your head up.” Not Once!

I’m greatful for my family cause they never gave up on me. I once felt that I had no purpose in this world. But now that I gave my life to God, I see back and I do have a purpose. God had a plan for me. I could have had not woke back up from the overdose. I could of had gotten shot. Even though I’m on the Row I feel blessed. Threw letters I’ve found that most of my “Homeboys” passed away. Eather got shot or driving under influence and crashed.

If you use drugs or are in a gang I ask you to change your life around. Turn to God. He gives a high---a high that is great! You don’t need drugs.

You don’t need gangs to feel loved. God loves us all! You will see and feel the difference. I will be praying so God can touch your heart and change you. If you are asked if you want to accept God into your life to step forward or raise your hand. If you in your heart know that you want to do so go ahead and do so. Put that pride away. Don’t be shy or embarrassed.

I know that when I was 15 or 16 I was asked several times if I wanted to accept Jesus Christ in my heart to raise my hand or to step forward. My pride didn’t let me even though I wanted to. I always thought about what was person next to me, my neighbor, going to think. The person next to you is not going to be with you forever.

I’ll be praying so this message reaches across. God loves you and He will change your ways of thinking. God bless you. Thank you for your time.

Brother in Christ
Jorge A Salinas

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