Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nannies don't last forever

Yesterday, my job as a nanny ended. I loved watching Sam & Katelyn. Kids are an adventure. They are constantly learning and every day is different.

Sam & Katelyn drew these wonderful pictures for one year olds! I was impressed... It was a very sweet gesture. Their mom made a photo album with pictures of the kids for me to take. Heather (mom) said she really loved me and that it completely sucked that I got a new job.... I started crying.. I will miss my babies...

Sam & Katelyns pretty pictures :)

My babies and I at Christmas!

The nice photo album.

I was offered a position at Godwin Heights Elementary school working with a boy who has autism. He is between age 3&4. I do not know a lot about his functioning, but I assume he has little to no language skills. I believe he will have a lot of sensory needs and I am very excited to start monday with this little guy.. The job just fell into my lap.. I didnt even do anything to get it, other then people knew me and recommended me for the position. God is good!

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