Sunday, January 4, 2009

Devotional 2

If you didnt get the email or want a recap here is the second devotional :)

As talked about in the last devotional, we will hit on respect again with Men. This devotional hits home the importance of respecting the male in your life. First, it is important to respect his judgment. A man deeply needs the woman in his life to respect his knowledge, opinions and decisions. Many men have confessed they are valued in every are of their lives except at home. I found this idea to be sad, but very true. Women often like to take control of the situation and make their husbands feel inadequate, not needed or that they do not have a lot of knowledge in the area to make the right decisions.

Second, Women need to respect his abilities. Men want to figure things out for themselves. They like to conquer things are affirmed as men in this way. For some reason, spending hours figuring out how to put the Dvd player together is fun. Problem is, we want to help them and guess how they interpret it? As distrust. Men love to figure stuff out on their own, so just let them! They feel affirmed, excited, encouraged and alive!!!

Third, women need to respect in communication. Women hold the power to build up or tear down men. Women need to be more tactful in how they communicate in front of others in regards to their husband. It is interesting how men can feel so loved and affirmed when women praise men in the public eye. It is also detrimental when a woman says something negative about her husband in front of other men. Dozens of men say it’s extremely painful when their wives criticize them in public. Anything that seems to show that the man is not somehow in control is embarrassing to him in front of others. The male is supposed to be the protector, provider and is supposed to take care of everything. If the woman public criticizes that he cannot take care of her, then she is communicating to her husband and others that he does not measure up.

Women hold incredible power and responsibility. We have the ability to build up or tear down men. Respect at home affects every area of a mans life. There is something unique in how a man approaches the world that makes his inner home-fired feeling of personal adequacy foundational to everything else. Very few men can do well at work or at home if their wives make them feel inadequate.

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