Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Around the World!

Drew takes me out on all these exciting dates! It is a blast. Yesterday, Drew took me to Frederik Meijer Gardens to see Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World.

It was so neat to learn about Christmas Traditions from all around the world. The most interesting to me, was to learn about how Austrailia's Christmas is in the middle of the summer. Weird eh? I thought it was just neat to learn that.. In the middle of a hot blazing summer they celebrate Christmas... The concept is so different then from the states when we celebrate Christmas in the dead cold winter. Weird, but cool...

Something else that was so cool was the Baobab Tree from Africa. While I spent time in South Africa, I did see a lot of trees that were Baobab. It was neat to see a piece of Africa here in the states.. It may me miss part of something that I felt became my home.

We even met some reindeer :)

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