Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There was a trial, you made a mistake we know...

As many of you know social work involves a level of integrity, honesty and the view that justice must be served. I am extreme advocate for children and safety. I am an advocate for children in general, but my passion comes out in the safety of children.

Today, many of you know that I am on a court case from my bachelor level internship. During my internship, a little girl disclosed that her father was sexually abusing her. This case was being investigated and is in trial. I was supposed to testify today, but due to difficulties in the case, I was asked not to. However, the court will rejourn tomorrow and I may end up going to court tomorrow & testifying. I do not have a problem in doing so to protect this little girl.

I am extremely upset about how court went today. While I cannot public discuss what happened at court, I can say that people lied and will forever regret those lies and they do not understand the life altering implications the lies will have on their life. This family is in need of prayers, I am in need of prayers and I pray that God will bring justice to this family and to this little girl.

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