Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Nanny

I am currently nannying 30 hrs a week and it has been such a joy. It has been incredibly theraputic for me to work with these children even though I am stressed once I leave. It is like I am on a mini-vacation for a while. Although, sometimes it is not a mini vacation, like yesterday, when Sam decided to throw up in my hair.. That was nice. .Or like when Katlyn likes to snot all over me with her yuckies.. However, it is wonderful. I have tried teaching them to pray or at least close their eyes when I pray with them, but they end up looking at me funny. I have had some fun times. I thought I should post some pictures! They just turned one on friday!

I love my brother! He is the best!!

Often, we like to look out the window. We are outside babies for sure and we hate that we have to be inside, so we are always watching to see what is happening out there!

Love the hat!

I hate my picture being taken!

I love birthday cup cakes! Yum!

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