Saturday, November 22, 2008

A little birdie once told me.. Wait Until Love Finds you...

Today, I was able to spend a special day with my little bird! I cannot believe how mature she has become and she has grown into a beautiful, pure woman! I am extremely thankful and proud of her! Zach, welcome to the family! At first, it seemed a bit fast, but now, we know it was God's plan! I wish you both many blessings and I pray that God will protect your marriage!

Cake time!

She was beautiful!

I thought this captured a lovely picture!

This is for you andrea! Know that we deeply missed you today, but you were in our minds, hearts, and prayers!

Ps. Andrea, I think you should know that Katrina put Zachs ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony and she also screwed up some her marriage vows. It was quite and laugh and you would have enjoyed it! We miss you dear!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There was a trial, you made a mistake we know...

As many of you know social work involves a level of integrity, honesty and the view that justice must be served. I am extreme advocate for children and safety. I am an advocate for children in general, but my passion comes out in the safety of children.

Today, many of you know that I am on a court case from my bachelor level internship. During my internship, a little girl disclosed that her father was sexually abusing her. This case was being investigated and is in trial. I was supposed to testify today, but due to difficulties in the case, I was asked not to. However, the court will rejourn tomorrow and I may end up going to court tomorrow & testifying. I do not have a problem in doing so to protect this little girl.

I am extremely upset about how court went today. While I cannot public discuss what happened at court, I can say that people lied and will forever regret those lies and they do not understand the life altering implications the lies will have on their life. This family is in need of prayers, I am in need of prayers and I pray that God will bring justice to this family and to this little girl.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Nanny

I am currently nannying 30 hrs a week and it has been such a joy. It has been incredibly theraputic for me to work with these children even though I am stressed once I leave. It is like I am on a mini-vacation for a while. Although, sometimes it is not a mini vacation, like yesterday, when Sam decided to throw up in my hair.. That was nice. .Or like when Katlyn likes to snot all over me with her yuckies.. However, it is wonderful. I have tried teaching them to pray or at least close their eyes when I pray with them, but they end up looking at me funny. I have had some fun times. I thought I should post some pictures! They just turned one on friday!

I love my brother! He is the best!!

Often, we like to look out the window. We are outside babies for sure and we hate that we have to be inside, so we are always watching to see what is happening out there!

Love the hat!

I hate my picture being taken!

I love birthday cup cakes! Yum!

50 years

Can you imagine being married 50 years? It is so unheard of today. I was blessed to be able to attend Drew's grandparents 50th anniversary renewal vow ceremony and party. It was such a blessing to see such a strong marriage withhold time. It definantely makes one believe in the impossible. I think it was great for his family even though the event was rather stressful and I almost slept through it, which is another story in its self, but it turned out wonderful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today, is a historical day in our country, Drew and I celebrate three years, which is historical.. It has been challenging, rewarding and amazing!! I can't really describe the last three years, but it has been great!! Drew sent me a dozen roses today and I was chocked up.. The thought was so sweet and even though I will end up killing them, they were beautiful..

Our relationship has blossomed like a rose..

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am a Nanny!!

Recently, I have become a nanny. I nanny 2 one year-old twins. It has been therapeutic for my stress level with for grad classes, but I am finding I have no life now.. Here are some pictures I took this morning!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Halloween Party

I was Minnie Mouse at Drew's halloween party and he was my hit man!! Poor Minnie!! Here are some pictures from the party.. It was fun!

Dad's new truck

Dad was in need of a new truck!! It's a beauty!!