Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Whit" "Whit"

If you know her, she is often refereed as "Whit, Whit". She is the more adorable red head girl I've ever known. Often, she is extremely sarcastic, with an energetic vibe. She is a great person and is Drew's little sister. I cannot believe she is graduating high school.. Where did the time fly..

Recently, Whitney injured her shoulder. She has a highly inflamed rotater cuff. She has to now go to a sports doctor. Tonight, was her senior swim night and she was unable to swim, but she still cheered her team on anyways. Whitney has been swimming for six years. I remember when she first was thinking about swimming and she hesitated. I remember telling Drew, I thought it would be great for her and I can see now that it was a wonderful experience. It has given her true confidence and has allowed her to develop into a wonderful person.

She is need of prayers for healing, but also about making a college decision. Currently, she has been accepted into Spring Arbor and is waiting to hear back from Cornerstone.. When I see her, I definitely think of Spring Arbor!! She is a Spring Arbor girl no doubt, but God will call her where he has her..

Here are some pictures from tonight's Senior Night!
Congratulations Whitney! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments thus far!

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wheels said...

I will keep her in my prayers!
aKeep reminding her to stay positive!:)