Friday, October 3, 2008

Where did the day go?

Fridays always seem to fly by for me. I think it's my day of getting errands accomplished.. It seemed liked a busy day. This evening I went to mall with Carrie. No luck on winter jacket.. Sighs. .Hope I am able to find one soon.... I have been working on my huge paper due monday. I need to have 30 articles and so far I only have 10.. ahh.. That has to get done this weekend along with a two page paper.. sighs.. Hope, i can get it done..

1) I am thankful for Drews smile. It has the capacity to turn my horrible day into a wonderful day.
2) I am thankful for my dog because she keeps me warm at night and is so incredibly sweet. I wish she was human, so I could hear her talk and see her radiant love. She is amazing.
3) I am thankful for the ability to type and somewhat spell. I could never imagine not being able to express my thoughts in writing with words. It is a privledge to be able to read, write and spell. Often, I believe we forget it is a privledge.
4) I am thankful toes. Toes have the capacity to keep us walking and they give us balance. I would miss my toes.
5) I am thankful for feeling. People who grow older, lose feeling in theirs arms and legs. I am glad I can feel someone tickling me or some one hugging me. I am glad I can feel fuzzy and warm blankets..

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