Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Lovie!!

I dedicate this post to my best friend, who has been the greatest supporter, encourager, friend, lovie, and my biggest fan. I am so thankful for knowing him over the past 7 years and I cannot wait to see where the next seven years brings the two of us. Thanks for showing me unconditional love and being the kind, caring, compassionate man I care so deeply about.. I am so thankful you pursued me, even when I said "no" what must of seemed like hundreds of times..

The five things I am thankful for about Drew.

1) I am thankful Drew is supportive and is always there for me.

2) I am thankful for Drew's willing spirit and tender hugs.

3) I am thankful for when I with Drew, I feel that he is sheltering me from the world.. I feel so at peace with him.

4) I am thankful Drew is such a hard worker at everything he does. He does not give up easily and has an incredible amount of patience for me.

5) Finally, I am thankful for his uncondional love. It is the kind of love that gets me up every morning and it's the kind of love that gives me peace every evening.. I am so thankful for you, for you are my WALLE!!!

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Melanie Eccles said...

love it! I'm so happy for you!