Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goal: 20,000 pictures by Jan 1, 2009

My goal is to take 20,000 pictures by Jan 1, 2009. We will see if that goal can be achieved... I love pictures.. YUM..

I took a few pictures of my thankful 5.

Cider- Did I mention that yesterday? It's so good.. It deserves two posts.

Water- YUM.. Who ever invented the Faucet was amazing.. I pretty much don't drink anything else.. I hate soda!

Candles- Love the smell.. I can get so relaxed by them and even get me started on the wonderful fragrance that enters the room.. And I love the glow.. Something about the glow, gets me in the mood for a good book.

Bath Tubs.. Do i need to say anything else..

Watches- time goes to fast and often not fast enough.. Must i say more? I love my drew inspired watch.. Amazing...

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