Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had been waiting a while to go see fireproof. I would say that it ranks as one of my favorite movies. It is a movie that truly is inspirational and helps put your life into perspective.

Originally, I had thought it would be okay, but after seeing it, I believe it to be phenomenal. I don't think anyone in the theater left with dry eyes. It tugs at your heart and makes you look at life completely differently. It helps you define relationships in marriage and outside of marriage. I think this movie could help restore the broken hearts across America.

This movie is pure genious, inspiring. This movie gives hope to couples struggling.
I strongly encourage people to see this movie!!

Never leave your partner behind.

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wheels said...

Glad you saw "Firepoof! My parents said it was great too!:) I would like 2 see it sometime!