Saturday, October 4, 2008

Apple Cider, Home made Jam, Pumpkins

I, absoutely without a doubt, look forward every year in going to Well's Orchard. It is a local business that supplies everything from home made apple cider to huge pumkins that can cost up to $30. It is insane, but none the less, I love it..

This afternnon, Drew visted Wells for the first time. I have been going there every year since I was a pre-school kid. Love this place. .

My 5 things
1) Ice Cubes- Imagine never having a cold drink? Wouldnt that be weird?? I would hate it.
2) Digital Camera- Best little invention ever.. What if you never had a photograph or a keepsake of a special moment in your life? Like a wedding day? Graduation? First child being born. .Would be depressing.
3) Apple Cider- I love to drink this warm on cool evenings. I find it to be relaxing.
4) Cd's- Remember when they were Audio tapes? We've come a long way.
5) A Space Bar- Imagine how hard it would be to type without a space bar. I cannot imagine using a typewriter for hours to write a paper. I cannot imagine not having a space bar. I know type writers had them, but they werent as good, as they are now...

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